Thursday, 16 June 2016

I see them, standing together with such frightened looks on their faces. Trembling.
They are trapped.  For I am not nice - I am evil.  Then I see a flower all by itself that has not been touched at all. I edge forward destroying everything in my path,  including the flower, that one lonely flower.

I see her face so disgusted  with what I've done. She's angry. Before she darted forward she moved back for a run up,that was my warning. Like lightning she sprinted to me, coming closer and closer. But. I slice her out of my way onto the cold hard ground. Because she is out of my way, her friend runs to her looking like some big old oger. I wouldn't take the chance of him defeating me so I start cutting but nothing is happening to him. We battled until what looked like he was tired, but he was getting ready to fight back. He flew up in the air covering the sun and……

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