Wednesday, 24 August 2016

We had to do this peice of writing from the new bbc Olympic trailer. About brazil animals playing sport and becoming athlets

Jungle Olympics By Holly
As I walk through the rainforest, the sound of nature is around me. Suddenly I hear, the sound of drums.  I follow the sound, I am amazed to see, an ant eater digging in the ground. Eventually finding a vine he then picks it up with his sharp claws.  Tying a rock to the end of the vine. He starts spinning.

The sound of rustling branches, leaves, comes closer and closer towards me. Then out of the bushes jumps a fox with his powerful back legs, he jumps up, over a huge tree branch big and thick enough to hold a human. I wipe my eyes to see if it’s real, it was. The fox does a full air twist and lands perfectly on the crunchy leaves, like snapping a stick.

I walk over to the waterfall and I couldn't believe my eyes, when I saw two big and tall crocodiles standing on the front webbed feet with their hind legs and scaly tails in the air. They stand there for a while then the crocs dive, at exactly the same time doing flips, twisting and turning, in a synchronized manner. I froze. Clouds forming darkens the sky.

A brazil nut rolls slowly towards me I pick it up to find four orangutans running towards me. I hand them the nut they start throwing it in the air and hitting it with the palms of their paws I say to myself, “ Volleyball.”  Above me the sound of swaying vines, a sloth not acting it’s name “lazy” but ready to fight for the gold. Starts swinging back to forth back to forth like a gymnastics bar. It’s amazing.

Speedily a group of jaguars start sprinting toward Rio. My heart starts pumping. “It’s the Olympics.”