Monday, 10 November 2014





                                  By Holly
Extension is when something dies and there are no more of those things in the world.
                        People killed a New Zealand called the moia  bird it was a huge bird but not the biggest the biggest is the elephant bird it is extinct too.

 The Moia had brown feathers and was really tall.
The woolly mammoth is extinct too. It lived in the ice age.
These are some things that are extinct
  • The woolly mammoth
  • Sloths
  • Saber tooth tigers
  • Dodo birds
        and more.   
The wooly mammoth had brown fur and huge tusks that they used for fighting other animals and to look strong.

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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Super Squid Wow Words

The New Zealand Flag


Q project

Moment in time...

      A Dark Dark Night With The Light Off.  
I heard mum and dad tell Brianna off.                 
I heard mum kiss Brianna.
I saw dad eat his late dinner.
I saw mum and dad get ready for bed.  
I felt sweat coming down my face when I have the nice warm hottie on my relaxed head.                      
I felt Tammykins my cat tickle my tiny toes.  
I wondered if I will fall off my bed on to the floor that is covered with toys.
I wondered if I will lose my favourite toy called Bunny. Will he fall off the my bed that is half a meter tall?      

Stoney Creek Ranch Camp

Tuesday, 29 April 2014


In class I have been learning about the points of the compass and directions.

This week I learnt about a programme called Scratch which uses directions to create a little computer program.

My job was to use Scratch to create something that could be shared with the rest of the class. What my Scratch was about was all down to me and my imagination! I had to be creative!

Click on the green flag to start and the red octagon to stop.

When I grow up...

As part of our topic I have been thinking about myself and what makes me special. This has led to me thinking about what I would like to be when I grow up.

I made a ToonDoo about it.


Swimming Sports

Swimming Sports is where the Year 4s, 5s and 6s at Havelock North Primary take part in swimming races in their houses. We then had to create a voki for homework about one of the races.

Our voki needed to tell the class about our favourite race at swimming sports and why we liked that one the best. We had to remember to hook our listener in and give the audience lots of interesting information.